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ASI's Campaign to achieve Health Equity in Chicago.

Providing Care for the most Vulnerable Communities

Why this matters.

The demand for training and employment in healthcare has never been greater. ASI understands the urgent need for investment in the health and wellness of Chicago communities of color and proposes an innovative model for Humboldt Park. Our enhanced training program will provide job readiness training to up to 15,000 annually in the locale community. Covid-19 tragically caused many Americans to lose their jobs. Humboldt Park was no exception. We want to revitalize this city and be an ally to those who just want a chance at a good paying job. We will provide them the tools for them to achieve their goals.  

The services we will provide


Home Care

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Jobs Training

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Local Coalition of Experts and Leaders

Working together to achieve health equity

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2619 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, USA

(773) 278-5130

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